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Size comparison -Cessna 150 parked with Belite Chipper prototype.

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       A lot of people have asked us to compare the Chipper (prototype) to a Cessna 150.

This particular aircraft (C150) type has come up several times, on Facebook,

and also in conversations with a prospective Chipper kit purchaser(s).

So, in order to clear up confusion,

James Wiebe has produced this handy reference post.

Chipper (80HP) vs C150 (100HP) comparisons

Takeoff roll: Chipper (80HP): 400ft (typically 250, people who observe my takeoffs suggest I'm conservative. :-),

C150: 735ft -- published number.

Climb rate Vy: Chipper: 800 fpm, C150: 670 fpm

Cruise: Chipper: 106 mph (with 80HP and small tires), C150: 110 mph

Empty weight: Chipper: 625 pounds, C150: 1100 pounds

Useful load: Chipper: 600 pounds @ 1232 gross, C150: typically around 470 to 500 pounds

Vx angle of climb expressed as horizontal feet to vertical altitude gain:

Chipper: 8 to 1, C150: 14 to 1 (Vx is defined as maximum clearance angle climb).

I think I'm being conservative on Chipper.......

Climb performance @ 9500 ft: Chipper: Good, C150: "sluggish"

High Density Altitude Airport Performance @ 10,400 ft asl: Chipper: excellent

(compared to other GA airplanes), C150: wouldn't do that,

you'll shoot your eye out, and break a few other body parts....

Fuel burn: Chipper: 4 gph, C150: 4.5 gph (not bad)

Stall speed: Chipper: 39 mph, C150: 48 mph

Range: Chipper: 600+ miles, C150: 190 to 490 miles,

depending on usual factors

Off field capability: Chipper: good, C150: you'll break your airplane.

STOL: Chipper: YES, C150: absolutely NO not a Fun factor:

Chipper: excellent, C150: mean

Cabin width at butt and shoulders: Chipper: 40 to 41", C150: 38 inches.

You really get to know your instructor in a C150. ;-)

here's a link to the C150 POH:…/downloads/CESSNA_150_POH.pdf

here's independent commentary on C150 performance:

Now for more Chipper Info:

Belite Aircraft

NOW OFFERS A High Performance


 or a

Chipper Taildragger

& coming soon a

Chipper Tricycle

Chipper is an inexpensive, high performance aircraft which you can build from our kits

and you fly for less than $AUD35 (Sept 2018) per hour. ​

We're open to inspection: compare our acquisition costs, assembly time,

range, speed, and STOL performance to any other two place high wing kit aircraft kit.



✔Side by side seating

✔ Clean sheet CAD design allowed us to start with uncompromising goals and a fresh new design, with

✔ Classic look

✔ Great STOL performance

✔ Rugged landing gear

✔ Flaps + droop ailerons

✔ Taildragger or Tricycle gear

✔ Cabin is primarily honeycomb aluminum

✔ 4 GPH fuel burn (80HP)

✔ 912UL / ULS and other engines

✔ Takeoff in 400 feet - at gross

✔ Lift 450 or 600 pounds (depends on gross weight / engine)

Low cost and ease of construction makes Chipper great for EAA chapter builds, student builds, and flying clubs.

                                                                               "CHIPPER" two-seat Experimental Aircraft first launched in 2017 and deliveries available in 2018.

-- Latest News --

1)   James has fited a longer landing gear for even better STOL take-offs! - See photo at top of page

2)  Australian & NZ Chipper buyers, please note the FAA carried out a Major Portion assessment of 68% in November 2017,

3)  FAA (US) has now approved Chipper to be added to list of Kits that can be amateur built and meet the Major Portion requirements.

4)  Note both CASA & RA Aus will accept this FAA approval.

4)  Chipper Kits will comply with CASA Civil Aviation Order 95.55 para 1.2 (e) (1) and can be registered with RA Aus.

6)  We are offering Chipper Kits, Quick Build Kits & later Ready-To-Fly aircraft as well as a owner/builder support program.

7)  Chipper is an innovative design, the Kits include CNC pre-cut and pre-drilled parts and all hardware required.

8)  You will have builder support through the extensive kit building manual supplied with your kit and all-encompassing

CAD drawings supplying you with informative help on the correct hardware to use in building your Chipper kits.

CNC cut parts

Chipper Kits come in two parts, an FWR Airframe Kit and a Finishing Kit with a 560 kg MTOW.

They come with very comprehensive build instructions and builder support.

You’ll also need other parts and components including, but not limited to:

an engine, engine mount, battery, propeller, instruments, fabric, paint and more .    

   Note: Brakes are not included in the airframe kit – see Finishing Kit info below.


                                                          Horizontal Stabiliser &                       Elevators

Rear Fuselage

  Wing being assembled


  Tail wheel assy

Prototype Chipper being built 


"Dear James,

    We talked before the end of last year about a few things one of them being how fast this kit is going together.

At approximately 160 man hours the aft fuselage is together and the cabin is tempted together,

this is to insure everything is properly fitted before final assembly,

this time of course includes in my build lots of edge sealing that is above and beyond what is required.

I am a A&P with over 20 years’ experience on transport category aircraft with limited time on general aviation

and have never built an aircraft from a kit or otherwise.

I have this kit to be extremely easy to build with clear directions and a designer/ CEO/ plus many

other hats James Wiebe to be willing to help answer any question in a timely manner.

James went above and beyond before I made my purchase and has never changed his approach with me.

The chipper is about as an easy of a build as I can imagine so many photos and drawings with

a technical support from James that is unrivaled in industry.

With all told keeping the edge sealing to what James recommends  

I would be under 90 man hours I’m sure I believe others will most likely follow his direction and

find his 1000 hours far too high.

I will happily talk with  anyone who has concerns or questions about the chipper

I truly hope to be the first completed kit in the air this spring and that will be no easy accomplishment working alone.

Thank you"







Building Chipper's Cabin structure

   Chipper's Instrument Panel for EAA#17 = design & buildyour own!

Chipper ready for a sunset flight

 Right click on above photo's to Open Link in new Tab

James has now flown more than 150 hours of flight testing the prototype on trips across the US 

and he also flew Chipper to EAA AirVenture 2017 and to Sebring and then back home to Wichita,

and a trip to Alaska in April 2018, Chipper Too was on display at EAA AirVenture 2018.

The following US aviation magazines have carried out flight reviews of Chipper:

Aviators Hotline (Jan 2018)

EAA Sport Aviation (Jan 2018 (See pages #68 to 72)

Also see

Kitplanes, ByDanJohnson , Flying Magazine, and Plane & Pilot magazine.

  A lot of aero improvements have been recently fitted,  a new interior and some system upgrades.

We're thrilled by this planes' rapid progress.

Chipper Specifications - Last Revised September 24, 2017

All specifications  & prices subject to change without notice. Check back for updates.

(New specs will be published soon, reflecting performance upgrades using our metal wing option.)

Specifications for Chipper, a two seat experimental aircraft.

Wingspan: 31’ 2”

Length: 18’ 6”

Empty weight: 272 kgs with a Rotax 912 four stroke, 80hp four cylinder engine

MTOW (Gross weight): 560 kg

Useful load: 288 kgs 

Top tested dive speed: 113 knots

IAS Vne: 102 knots

IAS Vy: 42.5 knots

IAS Vx: 36.5 knots

IAS Stall speed: 34 knots

Takeoff run: <400 feet; typically 200 feet in light breeze at gross weight

Landing distance: <400 feet; typically < 150 feet in light breeze 

Cabin width: 41”

maximum Cabin height: 37”

Wing area: 116.2 square feet

Wing loading: 9.04 to 10.60 pounds per square foot

Climb rate: 800 fpm, standard conditions @ sea level

Fuel capacity: 38 to 151 litres, typically 106 litres

Range: Up to 890 nautical miles (no reserve)

Demonstrated continuous cruise true air speed: 92 knots

(Conditions: Rotax 912UL 80HP engine, 5500 RPM / 2420 prop, 4500’ altitude),

standard conditions,

15” tires, NO WHEEL PANTS, 17 litres per hour auto fuel (see Rotax fuel guide), DUC Helices swirl propeller.

Expected continuous cruise true air speed with wheel pants and 80HP engine: 95 knots.

Expected continuous cruise true air speed with 100HP engine: 110 knots.

Equivalent Flat Plate Area with wheel pants installed: about 5 square feet.

Target Engines:

Jabiru, AeroMomentum, ULPower, Rotax, or BMW, 

Available airframe options

Tail or Tri-cycle undercarriage: available

Engine Cowl: available

Folding wings: available

Tundra tires: available

Belly tank: available

Black Max Hydraulic Disc Brakes: available

Amphibious floats: Announcement expected spring (US) 2018

OZ Bush-Flyer option kit with Dual Caliper Disc Brakes, 8 inch dia Rims & Tundra Tyres, etc.: coming soon

Airframe Kit shipping slots are available for this year (2018).

You can get substantially more useful load by using a lighter engine, by building lighter (without tundra tires, for instance).

For Australian & NZ buyers, the MTOW (Max Take-Off Weight) 560 kgs, using a 100HP engine,

Useful load of 288 kg

Act now to reserve your Chipper now by paying a $AUD750 deposit, which is refundable.


                                                                                                 Call for Pricing  including packing, shipping & handling costs landed in Port of Brisbane:

tail-dragger Airframe kit 560 kg MTOW, 100 hp

tail-dragger Finishing kit 560 kg MTOW, 100 hp, or

tri-cycle finishing kit 560 kg MTOW, 100 hp,

Airframe Kit & Finishing Kit - Taildragger - 560 kg MTOW, 100 hp


The Tri-cycle  (Nose Gear) Finishing Kit is very similar to the following list.

Just delete the tail-wheel assy, change the main landing gear, then add  a nose gear assembly.

The tail-dragger Finishing Kit provides the following items:

WINGS (set of two)
1) Strut attachment CNC machined parts
2) Aileron Bell-crank CNC machined parts
1) Firewall material, stainless steel

1) Set of four main steel lift struts
2) CNC Machined lift strut inserts for top and bottom
3) Folding wing: machined parts for bottom folding
4) AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers

LANDING GEAR (set of two)
1) 7075T6 turned gear legs
2) CNC Machined gear leg collars
3) Trailing link tubing and hardware
4) Black Max or Matco Wheels
5)  Black Max or Matco hydraulic brakes
6) Black Max or Matco hydraulic master cylinders (set of two)
7) Black Max or Matco axles
8) Hydraulic tubing for brakes
9) Tubeless inner tubes
10) 800 x 6.00  6 Ply tyres
11) Gear attachment fittings for connecting axle to gear leg
12) AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers

1) 0.093” poly carbonate CNC pre-cut windshield
2) Rivets
3) Windshield ribs, CNC cut from honeycomb fiberglass
4) Windshield spars (aluminum tubes)

SEATS - belts
"Tanaka" high quality 4 point Seat-belts x 2

ENTRY DOOR (set of 2)
1) CNC pre-cut honeycomb aluminum door
2) 0.040” poly-carbonate CNC pre-cut windshield
3) Latch Mechanism
4) Hinge material
5) Rivets

1) Pre-welded steel tubes
2) AN hardware

1) Aluminum spring material
2) Matco swiveling tail wheel assembly
3) AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers
4) Steering springs & hardware

1) Rudder cables
2) Rudder cable hardware
3) Rudder cable nylon tubing
4) Elevator Push-Pull cables (set of two)
5) Elevator cable mounting angle
6) Elevator cable collars (set of four)
7) Aileron Push-Pull cables (set of two)
8) Aileron cable mounting clasps (set of four)
9) CNC machined control hardware set (comprehensive CNC parts kit
for complete control assembly)
10) Steel all-thread
11) Rod end bearings
12) Aileron droop intermix plate
13) AN Bolts, Nuts, Washers
14) Flap Servo
15) Aileron Servo


1) Engine

2) Engine Mount

3) Propeller

4) Propeller spinner, if desired

5) Engine Cowls

6) Fuel tanks

7) Fuel line tubing and hardware

8) Fuel selector and cutoff switch

9) Fuel filter

10) Fuel pump

11) Instrument panel

12) Instruments - Flight & Engine

13) Engine control (throttle quadrant, cables, magneto switches, primer pump or bulb, carby heat, etc.)

14) Battery

15) Covering material, paint, glue, etc.


Metal skinned wings priced at $US1320 for pair,

Folding Wings $US1,000

*53 litre fuel tanks are priced at $US1400 per pair.

*45 litre belly tank, just $300.

*Cowl is available for the 912UL / ULS later this year, price $US1,000.

*We will soon have an engine mount kit for the 912UL available, price $US800.

Work is in hand to develop a Jabiru & ULPower engine mounts, price $TBA

Development soon on an engine mount for AeroMomentum engines, price $TBA

Amphibian Floats available early next year, price $TBA 

Aussie Bush-Flyer option kit with Dual Caliper Disc Brakes, 8 inch dia Rims & oversize Tundra Tyres, etc. - price $TBA

The above prices do not include: engine, propeller, mount, cowl, instruments, fabric, paint, or glue, etc.

Please let us know when you're ready to fly a Chipper!


this is due to shippers not being willing to forecast/commit to future prices.


1) Last year the HKS engine was replaced with a Rotax 912 - 80 hp.

2) Rotax 912 was upgraded with a Edge Performance to 114hp for the prototype.

3) Chipper TOO is fitted with a ULPower engine.

4)  MTOW increased from 544 to 560 kgs.

5) New full engine cowling for Rotax 912.

6) Tricycle undercarriage, to fly in 2019.

7) Folding Wings option is available.

8) Wet Wing fuel tanks option is available.

9) Metal Wing covering option is now available.

10) Amphibian Floats to be available later this year.

11) Aussie Bush-Flyer option to be available early next year.

12) CHIPPER CAD Club  (see below) join now.

All information subject to change without notice

Freebird Aviation A'Asia (FAvnA) are the Australian & NZ dealers for:

We look forward to helping you to get into your own Chipper

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All specifications & prices subject to change without notice. Check back regularly for updates

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